Social Media Printer

A printer that prints directly from your social media after recognizing the associated hashtag on a polaroid completely branded with your own theme.

Social Media Live Feed

Social Media Live Feed pulls and displays content from up to eleven social media platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc..) and puts that feed into your desired portal, whether its on your website or projected on a wall at your event.

Green Screen

Create custom backgrounds while taking photos. Green screen allows you to select you own desired background on the polaroid photo.

Body Paint

Body paint senses your movements to create a blast of colours on the screen in front of you.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Infrared activated spray cans allow you to create your desired graffiti on the screen digitally. It allows you to create as many designs as possible.

Photo Mirror

Using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, Photo Mirror is built with a face and motion recognition mirror that will snap a snazzy photo of the customer and instantly upload it to their desired social media platforms. Your guests will also leave with a fully branded souvenir customized by you.

Digital Mosaic

By analyzingover 20 aspects of Instagram and Twitter photos, a large-scale physical mosaic is created in real time. Through this Mosaic activation we can use a photo of your choice and we will give the chance for all your guests to put it together and reveal the masterpiece

Social Media Vending Machine

SNAP: Take a picture of you and your friends or send a tweet with your phone TAG: Upload your picture on Instagram or tweet using the specified hashtag and dedicated @handle, as seen on the machine TAKE: Once online, our machine will either randomly or selectively release the free giveaway

The Social Locker

The Social Locker. Similar to the Twitter or Instagram Vending Machine, The Social Locker is designed to promote excitement and an element of surprise for guests. When festival-goers approach the machine and tweet or Instagram, using the correct hashtag, one of 18 locker doors will open at random to reveal a prize they have won.

Social Cooler

The Social Cooler uses the guests hashtags or location sensors to open up and provide them with an exciting treat or giveaway, allowing your guests to leave your event feeling refreshed

Talking Twitter Machine

We can turn anything into a Talking Twitter Machine; have tweets from your audience read aloud. Encourage group participation by providing a photo and have your guests caption it with something funny, clever or eccentric. This fun, interactive machine will leave your attendees with something to talk about, generating a great atmosphere at any event.

GIFF Photo Booth

A fun, timer operated polaroid photo booth that can be branded according your needs and specifications.It also give people the option to upload on their Facebook, twitter or email.

Motion Activated Games

A customized game created specially for your event that works entirely with your movements and can be branded as per your requirement.

LED Activation

An activity where our team of professionals captures light doodles to create words with light in air.